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New Release - eSERVICE - Now Available

Using the latest technology we will be introducing a new range of services. This will enable our clients, service agents and staff to access information about the performance and maintenance of their elevators. The service will also be available to small third party elevator companies, enabling them to offer the same service to their clients without the capital outlay.

eSERVICE offers database information online:
  • Offers on line information for the client, local agent, service company.
  • Automatic updates from eMONITORING.
  • Access from any standard web browser.
  • 99.96% online availability.
  • Automatic fax or SMS notification.
eMONITORING is available for both dial up and broadband access:
  • Dial up monitoring only updates the database at a time of an event, while broadband access give you real time event reporting.
  • This option is available with all of our controller upgrade packages.
  • An add on package is also available for clients wishing have their equipment monitored but not wanting to upgrade equipment.
  • We can also monitor equipment on behalf of third party companies.
eMAINTENANCE offers programmed regular maintenance:
  • Programmed maintenance either via our monitoring service or as a result of manual input.
  • This online maintenance service lists tasks required at the next visit.
  • Tasks not completed are then prioritized at the next service visit.
  • This ensures that in a 12 month period a full service has been made.
  • Clients and service personnel can check when the next maintenance is due.
  • Service agents update database when service is completed.
eFAX is a direct fax service to your fax machine or service agent fax machine in the event of a equipment breakdown:
  • Through our service portal you can send a fax to the service company.
  • Automatic fax to client, security service or service company immediately a fault occurs.
  • You can receive a fax or sms message when the service agent updates the database from a recent maintenance or a after a service call out.
  • One off setup connection fee of $25.00.
  • FAX service fee is $5.00 per calendar month, plus $0.30 per fax.
eSMS is the same service as the eFAX.
  • Any fault or call goes straight to the recipient mobile phone.
  • Send a SMS message through our service portal.
  • One off set up service connect fee of $25.00.
  • SMS service fee is $5.00 per calendar month, plus $0.30 per message.

eEMAIL is the same service as the eFAX.New Service

  • Any fault or call goes straight to the recipient email.
  • Send a email message through our service portal.
  • One off set up service connect fee of $25.00.
  • Email service fee is $5.00 per calendar month, plus $0.30 per message.

NEWeALERT is similar to eSMS service but logs an action trail that is sent via email or fax only after a predefined number of events. eALERT logs off/on or hi/low or open/close type of operations. This sent via email and fax only because of the large amount of data that it could generate. Logs are sent after 5, 10, 20, 50 or any number of predifined events.

eVOICE is a real time 24/7 lift answering service.

  • All lift calls are taken with a real live person who can direct the required service via fax, email or SMS.
  • Quick turnaround or response times for releasing trapped passengers.
  • Call centre can advise via email, fax, mobile or SMS service. See costs for these services.
  • All calls are imported to our database and available for all registered users to view.
  • Registration is free. Answering fee is $30.00 per ca lender month per lift or lifts in a "Lift Group".

For the type of eSERVICE packages available - click here


All services attract a one off connection/setup fee each of $25.00 (except eVOICE) Two or more services attract a $15.00 one off per each connection. Unlimited Client access via a standard web browser attracts a monthly fee of $15.00 per service monitored. Discounts apply for a client who has a number of building or elevators monitored. Service agent access is part of their contract package. Add 10% GST to all prices.

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